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C-147 [Merchant Shipping Minimum Standards]



  1. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, this Convention applies to every sea-going ship, whether publicly or privately owned, which is engaged in the transport of cargo or passengers for the purpose of trade or is employed for any other commercial purpose.

  1. National laws or regulations shall determine when ships are to be regarded as sea-going ships for the purpose of this Convention.

  1. This Convention applies to sea-going tugs.

  1. This Convention does not apply to –
  • ships primarily propelled by sail, whether or not they are fitted with auxiliary engines;
  • ships engaged in fishing or in whaling or in similar pursuits;
  • small vessels and vessels such as oil rigs and drilling platforms when not engaged in navigation, the decision as to which vessels are covered by this subparagraph to be taken by the competent authority in each country in consultation with the most representative organizations of ship-owners and seafarers.

  1. Nothing in this Convention shall be deemed to extend the scope of the Conventions referred to in the Appendix to this Convention or of the provisions contained therein.

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