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For the purposes of this Convention:

1. “Liability Convention” means the International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, adopted at Brussels on 29 November 1969.

2. “Ship”, “Person”, “Owner”, “Oil”, “Pollution Damage”, “Preventive Measures”, “Incident” and “Organization”, have the same meaning as in Article I of the Liability Convention, provided however that, for the purposes of these terms, “oil” shall be confined to persistent hydrocarbon mineral oils.

3. “Contributing Oil” means crude oil and fuel oil as defined in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) below:

a. “Crude Oil” means any liquid hydrocarbon mixture occurring naturally in the earth whether or not treated to render it suitable for transportation. It also includes crude oils from which certain distillate fractions have been removed (sometimes referred to as “topped crudes”) or to which certain distillate fractions have been added (sometimes referred to as “spiked” or “reconstituted” crudes).

b. “Fuel Oil” means heavy distillates or residues from crude oil or blends of such materials intended for use as a fuel for the production of heat or power of a quality equivalent to the “American Society for Testing and Materials’ Specification for Number Four Fuel Oil (Designation D 396-69)”, or heavier.

4. “Franc” means the unit referred to in Article V, paragraph 9 of the Liability Convention.

5. “Ship’s tonnage” has the same meaning as in Article V, paragraph 10, of the Liability Convention.

6. “Ton”, in relation to oil, means a metric ton.

7. “Guarantor” means any person providing insurance or other financial security to cover an owner’s liability in pursuance of Article VII, paragraph 1, of the Liability Convention.

8. “Terminal Installation” means any site for the storage of oil in bulk which is capable of receiving oil from waterborne transportation, including any facility situated off-shore and linked to such site.

9. Where an incident consists of a series of occurrences, it shall be treated as having occurred on the date of the first such occurrence.


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