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[For HSC constructed from 01-Jul-2002]

11.2.1 Failure of any remote or automatic control systems shall initiate an audible and visual alarm and shall not prevent normal manual control.

11.2.2 Manoeuvring and emergency controls shall permit the operating crew to perform the duties for which they are responsible in correct manner without difficulty, fatigue or excessive concentration.

11.2.3 Where control of propulsion or manoeuvring is provided at stations adjacent to but outside the operating compartment, the transfer of control shall only be effected from the station which takes charge of control. Two-way voice communication shall be provided between all stations from which control functions may be exercised and between each such station and the lookout position. Failure of the operating control system or of transfer of control shall bring the craft to low speed without hazarding passengers or the craft.

11.2.4 For category B and cargo craft, remote control systems for propulsion machinery and directional control shall be equipped with backup systems controllable from the operating compartment. For cargo craft, instead of a backup system described above, a backup system controllable from an engine control space such as an engine control room outside the operating compartment, is acceptable.


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