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[Applicable from 01-Jan-2017]

4.2.1 A risk assessment shall be conducted to ensure that risks arising from the use of low-flashpoint fuels affecting persons on board, the environment, the structural strength or the integrity of the ship are addressed. Consideration shall be given to the hazards associated with physical layout, operation and maintenance, following any reasonably foreseeable failure.

4.2.2 For ships to which part A-1 applies, the risk assessment required by 4.2.1 need only be conducted where explicitly required by paragraphs 5.10.5, 5.12.3,,,, 13.4.1, 13.7 and as well as by paragraphs 4.4 and 6.8 of the annex.

4.2.3 The risks shall be analysed using acceptable and recognized risk analysis techniques, and loss of function, component damage, fire, explosion and electric shock shall as a minimum be considered. The analysis shall ensure that risks are eliminated wherever possible. Risks which cannot be eliminated shall be mitigated as necessary. Details of risks, and the means by which they are mitigated, shall be documented to the satisfaction of the Administration.


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