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[Applicable from 01-Jan-2016]

1. The objective of this Code is to enhance global maritime safety and protection of the marine environment and assist States in the implementation of instruments of the Organization.

2. Different States will view this Code according to their own circumstances and should be bound only for the implementation of those instruments to which they are Contracting Governments or Parties. By virtue of geography and circumstance, some States may have a greater role as a flag State than as a port State or as a coastal State, whilst others may have a greater role as a coastal State or a port State than as a flag State.


3. In order to meet the objective of this Code, a State is recommended to:

1. develop an overall strategy to ensure that its international obligations and responsibilities as a flag, port and coastal State are met;

2. establish a methodology to monitor and assess that the strategy ensures effective implementation and enforcement of relevant international mandatory instruments; and

3. continuously review the strategy to achieve, maintain and improve the overall organizational performance and capability as a flag, port and coastal State.


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