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1. The International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT), herein referred to as “the Organization”, is hereby established.

2. The Operating Agreement shall be concluded in conformity with the provisions of this Convention and shall be opened for signature at the same time as this Convention.

3. Each Party shall sign the Operating Agreement or shall designate a competent entity, public or private, subject to the jurisdiction of that Party, which shall sign the Operating Agreement.

4. Telecommunications administrations and entities may, subject to applicable domestic law, negotiate and enter directly into appropriate traffic agreements with respect to their use of telecommunications facilities provided pursuant to this Convention and the Operating Agreement, as well as with respect to services to be furnished to the public, facilities, division of revenues and related business arrangements.



1. The purpose of the Organization is to make provision for the space segment necessary for improving maritime communications and, as practicable, aeronautical and land mobile communications and communications on waters not part of the marine environment, thereby assisting in improving communications for distress and safety of life, communications for air traffic services, the efficiency and management of transportation by sea, air and on land, maritime, aeronautical and other mobile public correspondence services and radio determination capabilities.

2. The Organization shall seek to serve all areas where there is need for maritime, aeronautical and other mobile communications.

3. The Organization shall act exclusively for peaceful purposes.



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