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Surface Compression Chambers (Diving Code)

2.2.1 A diving system should, as a minimum, include either one surface compression chamber with two separate compartments, or two interconnected separate chambers so designed as to permit ingress or egress of personnel while one compartment or chamber remains pressurized. All doors should be designed so that locking mechanisms, if provided, can be operated from both sides.

2.2.2 Where a surface compression chamber is to be used in circumstances in which a person is intended to remain under pressure for a continuous period of more than 12 hours, it should be so arranged as to allow most divers to stand upright and to stretch out comfortably on their bunks. The smaller of the two compartments should be large enough for at least two persons. One of these compartments should be a living compartment

2.2.3 The living compartment and other compartments intended to be used for decompression should have a lock through which provisions, medicine and equipment may be passed into the chamber while its occupants remain under pressure.

2.2.4 Locks should be designed to prevent accidental opening under pressure and, where necessary, interlocks should be provided for this purpose.

2.2.5 Each pressure compartment should have view ports to allow observation of all occupants from the outside.

2.2.6 A surface compression chamber should provide a suitable environment and facilities for the persons who use it, having regard to the type and duration of the diving operation. Where the chamber is intended to be occupied for more than 12 hours, toilet facilities should also be provided. Toilet facilities capable of discharging the waste to the outside should be fitted with suitable interlocks.

2.2.7 The diving system should be capable of allowing the safe transfer of a person under pressure from the diving bell to the surface compression chamber (and vice versa).


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