Direct Pull (MacGregor) Hatch Cover

Figure 3 shows a direct pull weather deck hatch cover operation. In this diagram, all hatch top wedges and side locking cleats removed and the tracks are seen to be clear. The bull wire and check wire would be shackled to the securing lug of the trailing edge of the hatch top.


Fig. 3 Direct pull weather deck hatch cover. Inset reproduced with kind permission from MacGregor and Co.


(Note: The bull wire and check wire change function depending on whether opening or closing the hatch cover.) The eccentric wheels are turned down and the ‘stowage bay’ is sighted to be clear. The locking pins at the end of the hatch would be removed as the weight is taken on the bull wire to open the hatch. Once the hatch lids are open and stowed vertical into the stowage bay, the sections would be locked into the vertical position by lock bars or clamps, to prevent accidental roll back.



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