Steel Coils

Steel coils are normally stowed in a double tier with the bottom coils on athwart ships dunnage and wedged against athwart ships movement, each coil being hard-up against the next (Figures 29 and 30). The objective is to

Figure. 29 Secure stowage of steel coils



Figure. 30 Steel coil loading Diamond bulker design with complete double hull is able to stow two tiers of heavy steel coils (each up to 25 tones) across the hatch


Form a large immovable stow with any void spaces between coils chocked off with dunnage. End of stows would be fenced with timber battens and ‘locking coils’ together with the top tier of coils would most certainly be lashed with steel wire rope lashings. With such a heavy cargo, the ship could be expected to reach her load line marks quickly leaving some considerable broken stowage with this type of cargo.



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