Volumetric Heeling Moments

Measures to reduce VHM


By use of longitudinal divisions – these are required to be grain tight and of an approved scantling.

By means of a saucer and bundling bulk – a saucer shape is constructed of bulk bundles in the hatch square of a filled compartment. The depth of the saucer being established between 1.3 and 1.4 m depth dependent on the ships beam, below the deck line.

By over stowing in a partly filled compartments – achieved by trimming the surface level flat and covering with a separation cloth then tightly stowing bagged grain to a depth of one-sixteenth the depth of the free grain stow.


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A ship operates permanently in a special area, or is a high-speed craft complying with the HSC Code, on scheduled voyages with a turn-round time not exceeding 24 hours. Does she have to meet the MARPOL Annex I Regulation 14 equipment requirements?

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