A Seafarers’ Bill of Rights


To ensure that seafarers are paid for their services

You have the right to be paid regularly and in full, at least monthly, and in accordance with your employment agreement or CBA.

Your employer must provide you with a monthly account setting out payments due and amounts paid, including wages additional payments and the rate of exchange if the currency is different from that set out in the employment agreement.

Basic pay or wages means pay for normal hours of work, normally no more than 8 hours/day and not more than 48 hours/week. Basic pay should never be less than the recommended minimum wage.

If you are a member of a trade union, your wage will often be negotiated between your employer and your trade union on your behalf. The International Labour Organization (ILO) sets a recommended minimum wage for Able Seafarers based on a formula that takes into consideration changes in the cost of living and exchange rates against the US dollar in a range of maritime countries. It is used as a reference by ship-owners and trade unions when agreeing wage scales. No seafarer should be paid at a rate below the recommended ILO minimum. For further information on the ITF interpretation of the recommended ILO minimum see:


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