BCH Code 2008

Cargo pump-rooms

2.8.1  Cargo pump-rooms should be so arranged as to ensure unrestricted passage at all times from any ladder platform and from the floor.

2.8.2  Permanent arrangements should be fitted for hoisting an unconscious person with a rescue line whilst avoiding any projecting obstacles.

2.8.3 Cargo pump-rooms should be so arranged as to ensure unrestricted access to all valves necessary for cargo handling for a person wearing the required personnel protective equipment.

2.8.4 Guard railings should be installed on all ladders and platforms.

2.8.5 Normal access ladders should not be fitted vertically, and should incorporate platforms at suitable intervals.

2.8.6 Arrangements should be installed to deal with drainage and any possible leakage from cargo pumps and valves in cargo pump-rooms. The bilge system serving the cargo pump-room should be operable from outside the cargo pump-room. One or more slop tanks for storage of contaminated bilge water or tank washings should be provided. A shore connection with a standard coupling or other facilities should be provided for transferring contaminated water to onshore slop tanks.

2.8.7  Pump discharge pressure gauges should be provided outside the cargo pump-room.

2.8.8  For cargo pump requirements for certain products see column m of the summary of minimum requirements in chapter VI.


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