Timber Deck Cargo Code

2.5 Loadline

2.5.1 Ships assigned and making use of their timber load line should follow relevant regulations of the applicable Load Lines Convention for stowage and securing of timber as prescribed in the ship’s Cargo Securing Manual. Special attention should be paid to the requirements concerning the breadth of the stow and voids in the stow (Load Lines Convention, regulation 44). When timber load lines are utilized, the timber is to be stowed as close as possible to the ship’s sides with any gaps not to exceed a mean of 4% of the breadth of the ship

2.5.2 It should be noted that not all the diagrams provided in this Code assume that timber load lines are being utilized, thus the cargo may not be shown as complying with Load Lines Convention, regulation 44.


2.6 Freeboard

2.6.1 The timber freeboard, if applicable, will be found in the ship’s Load Line Certificate.

2.6.2 Instructions on computation of the timber freeboard are given in the applicable Load Lines Convention.


2.7 Visibility

2.7.1 Timber deck cargo should be loaded in such a manner as to ensure that the ship complies with the visibility requirements contained in SOLAS chapter V. National deviations may exist and should be taken into consideration as required dependent on the intended voyage.

2.7.2 The SOLAS requirements on visibility as well as instructions on how to calculate the visibility range are given in chapter 3.



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