Merchant Shipping Act – 1958


Procedure for registration

Section – 24 [Registrars of Indian ships]

At each of the ports of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras, the principal officer of the Mercantile Marine Department, and at any other port such authority as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint, and shall be the registrar of Indian ships at that port:

Provided that subject to such order as the Central Government may issue in this behalf, when the office of registrar of Indian ships at any port is vacant or the holder of such office is on, leave or is not available, for any reason, at the port to exercise and discharge the powers, duties and functions of the office, the senior most surveyor at that port may act as, and exercise and discharge the powers, duties and functions of, the registrar of Indian ships at that port.

Section – 25 [Register book]

Every registrar shall keep a book to be called the register book and entries in that book shall be made in accordance with the following provisions;

a. the property in a ship shall be divided into ten shares;

b. subject to the provisions of this Act with respect to joint owners or owners by transmission, not more than ten individuals shall be entitled to registered at the same time as owners of any one ship; but this rule shall not affect the beneficial interest of any number of persons represented by or claiming under or through any registered owner or joint owner;

c. a person shall not be entitled to be registered as owner of a fractional part of a share in a ship; but any number of persons not exceeding five may be registered as joint owners of a ship or of any share or shares therein;

d. joint owners shall be considered as constituting one person and shall not be entitled to dispose in severalty of any interest in a ship or any share therein in respect of which they are registered;

e. a company or a co-operative society may be registered as owner by its name


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