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The Standards for ship Maneuverability

The Standards for ship maneuverability (the Standards) should be used to evaluate the maneuvering performance of ships and to assist those responsible for the design, construction, repair and operation of ships.


It should be noted that the Standards were developed for ships with traditional propulsion and steering systems (e.g. shaft driven ships with conventional rudders). Therefore, the Standards and methods for establishing compliance may be periodically reviewed and updated by the Organization, as appropriate, taking into account new technologies, research and development, and the results of experience with the present Standards.

The Standards contained in this document are based on the understanding that the maneuverability of ships can be evaluated from the characteristics of conventional trial manoeuvres. The following two methods can be used to demonstrate compliance with these Standards:

  • scale model tests and/or computer predictions using mathematical models can be performed to predict compliance at the design stage. In this case full-scale trials should be conducted to validate these results. The ship should then be considered to meet these Standards regardless of full-scale trial results, except where the Administration determines that the prediction efforts were substandard and/or the ship performance is in substantial disagreement with these Standards; and
  • the compliance with the Standards can be demonstrated based on the results of the full-scale trials conducted in accordance with the Standards. If a ship is found in substantial disagreement with the Standards, then the Administration should take remedial action, as appropriate.



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