OCIMF Rolls Out Temporary Remote SIRE Inspection Programme For Vessels due to Covid 19

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is now providing a remote inspection option within its Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) programme as a temporary measure due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The remote inspection option is an additional tool within the SIRE programme.

“In some circumstances, Covid-19 is limiting the ability of an OCIMF inspector to be physically present on board a vessel to carry out a vessel inspection. To ensure our inspection regimes continue, and without unduly exposing the inspector or the vessel’s crew to the risk of a Covid-19 infection, we are now able to offer remote inspections,” said Rob Drysdale, managing director of OCIMF.

“However, I stress that remote inspections are offered as a temporary additional resource when physical inspections are not feasible. They are not a replacement for our existing programme of physical inspections. The choice of opting for a remote inspection lies entirely with the company that is commissioning the inspection and it is up to individual programme recipient companies to decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not to accept the remote inspection. Therefore, acceptance of the remote inspection by all submitting and programme recipient companies cannot be guaranteed,” he pointed out.

Remote inspections will require the vessel operator to complete a detailed questionnaire to be reviewed remotely by an OCIMF inspector who will draw on the vessel operator’s information. Information supplied will include certificates, documents and photograph files.

“Like all our colleagues in the oil and gas and maritime industries, we must adapt to the changing coronavirus environment and introduce new ways of working that protect our people. At the same time, we must ensure we maintain the exceptionally high standards of safety and operational processes that OCIMF members rightly insist upon,” Drysdale added.

OCIMF said it will continue to monitor the impact of Covid-19 and dependant of the results may choose to extend the remote inspection scheme or remove it completely.

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Written by Moumita Baksi

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