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Port State Control


Bulk carrier: whilst noting the definitions in SOLAS regulations IX/1.6 and XII/1.1 and resolution MSC.277 (85), for the purposes of port State control, PSCOs should be guided by the ship’s type indicated in the ship’s certificates in determining whether a ship is a bulk carrier and recognize that a ship which is not designated as a bulk carrier as the ship type on the ship certificate may carry certain bulk cargo as provided for in the above instruments.

Clear grounds: Evidence that the ship, its equipment, or its crew does not correspond substantially with the requirements of the relevant conventions or that the master or crew members are not familiar with essential shipboard procedures relating to the safety of ships or the prevention of pollution. Examples of clear grounds are included in section 2.4.

Deficiency: A condition found not to be in compliance with the requirements of the relevant convention.

Detention: Intervention action taken by the port State when the condition of the ship or its crew does not correspond substantially with the applicable conventions to ensure that the ship will not sail until it can proceed to sea without presenting a danger to the ship or persons on board, or without presenting an unreasonable threat of harm to the marine environment, whether or not such action will affect the normal schedule of the departure of the ship.

Inspection: A visit on board a ship to check both the validity of the relevant certificates and other documents, and the overall condition of the ship, its equipment and its crew.

More detailed inspection: An inspection conducted when there are clear grounds for believing that the condition of the ship, its equipment or its crew does not correspond substantially to the particulars of the certificates.

Port State Control Officer (PSCO): A person duly authorized by the competent authority of a Party to a relevant convention to carry out port State control inspections, and responsible exclusively to that Party.

Recognized organization: An organization which meets the relevant conditions set forth by resolution A.739 (18), as amended by resolution MSC.208 (81), and resolution A.789 (19), and has been authorized by the flag State Administration to provide the necessary statutory services and certification to ships entitled to fly its flag.

Stoppage of an operation: Formal prohibition against a ship to continue an operation due to an identified deficiency (ies) which, singly or together, render the continuation of such operation hazardous.

Substandard ship: A ship whose hull, machinery, equipment or operational safety is substantially below the standards required by the relevant convention or whose crew is not in conformance with the safe manning document.

Valid certificates: A certificate that has been issued directly by a Party to a relevant convention or on its behalf by a recognized organization and contains accurate and effective dates meets the provisions of the relevant convention and to which the particulars of the ship, its crew and its equipment correspond.


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