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Dangerous Goods – Definitions

Auto-ignition temperature – is the lowest temperature at which a substance will start to burn without the aid of an external flame. Spontaneous combustion begins, provided that conditions are right, when auto-ignition temperature is attained.   Carrier – means any person’s organization, or government, undertaking the transport of dangerous goods by any means of transport. […]

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Coal Fires

Most coal fires occur at about the tween deck level which is an area that requires more attention to temperature monitoring and to ventilation.   Surface ventilation to holds should be concerned with the removal of gas for the first 5 days of the voyage, thereafter the ventilators to the lower holds should be plugged […]

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Coal – any coal, including sized grades, small coal, coal duff, coal slurry or anthracite.   Coal duff – coal with an upper size of 7 mm.   Coal slurry – coal with particles generally under 1 mm in size.   Coke – solid residue from the distillation of coal or petroleum.   Small coal […]

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Volumetric Heeling Moments

Measures to reduce VHM   By use of longitudinal divisions – these are required to be grain tight and of an approved scantling. By means of a saucer and bundling bulk – a saucer shape is constructed of bulk bundles in the hatch square of a filled compartment. The depth of the saucer being established […]

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Bulk density – is the weight of solids, air and water per unit volume. It includes the moisture of the cargo and the voids whether filled with air or water.   Cargoes which may liquefy – means cargoes which are subject to moisture migration and subsequent liquefaction if shipped with a moisture content in excess […]

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