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Safe Handling of CTU

General 1.1 CTUs are designed for intermodal transport. They are capable to be transferred from one mode of transport to another by rolling or lifting. A swap body can be carried on a road vehicle or on a railway wagon. A freight container can be carried on a road vehicle, on a railway wagon, on […]

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CTU Properties

6.1.1 When planning a consignment for transport the shipper should ensure that the CTU best suited for the cargo and the probable route is selected. If the shipper is uncertain about which CTU to select, further information can be obtained by contacting the CTU operator. 6.1.2 Packers should acquaint themselves with the characteristics of the […]

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CTU Code

Absolute humidity of air Actual amount of water vapour in the air, measured in g/m3 or g/kg. Boundary Refers to the edges or walls of the CTU, and surrounds the cargo deck. Cargo deck The area within the CTU boundaries onto which packages may be placed and secured. Cargo transport unit (CTU) A freight container, […]

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