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MARPOL | Annex – VI

CHAPTER 3 – REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTROL OF EMISSION FROM SHIPS Reg 14 – Sulphur Oxides (SOx) And Particulate Matter [Revised Annex VI Applicable From: 01-July-2010] [For: All Ships] General Requirements 1. The sulphur content of any fuel oil used on board ships shall not exceed the following limits: 1. 4.50% m/m prior to 1 January […]

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MARPOL | Annex – V

Chapter 3 – International Code For Ships Operating In Polar Waters Reg 14 – Application And Requirements   1. This chapter applies to all ships to which this Annex applies, operating in polar waters. 2. Unless expressly provided otherwise, any ship covered by paragraph 1 of this regulation shall comply with the environment-related provisions of […]

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MARPOL | Annex – III

Chapter 2 – Verification of Compliance | Reg. 11 – Verification of Compliance 1. Every Party shall be subject to periodic audits by the Organization in accordance with the audit standard to verify compliance with and implementation of this Annex. 2. The Secretary-General of the Organization shall have responsibility for administering the Audit Scheme, based […]

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MARPOL | Annex – II

Chapter 3 – Surveys & Certification | Reg. 10 – Duration & Validity of Certificate 1. An International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk shall be issued for a period specified by the Administration which shall not exceed 5 years. 2.1 Notwithstanding the requirements of paragraph 1 of this […]

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MARPOL | Annex – I

Chapter 1 – General | Reg. 2 – Application 1. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the provisions of this Annex shall apply to all ships.   2. In ships other than oil tankers fitted with cargo spaces which are constructed and utilized to carry oil in bulk of an aggregate capacity of 200 cubic metres or […]

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