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General documents & information required: • deck and engine room log books covering the casualty and the repair period; • master’s and/or chief engineer’s detailed report (as appropriate); • relevant letters of protest; • protests and extended protests; • underwriter’s surveyor’s report; • class surveyor’s report; • owners’ superintendent’s report; • receipted accounts for repairs […]

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General Average

• The principle of general average may be said simply to be: “That which has been sacrificed for the benefit of all shall be made good by the contribution of all”. • The object of general average is to ensure that the owner of a vessel or cargo who has incurred an expenditure or suffered […]

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Marine Insurance

Insurance cover of ship owners and managers A ship-owner or ship manager (acting on behalf of the owner) may require marine insurance cover against: actual or constructive total loss of his ship’s hull, machinery and equipment (H&M cover); accidental (particular average) damage to his ship’s hull, machinery and equipment (H&M cover); liability to owners of […]

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The Gas Codes divide gas carriers into four categories; Ship Types 1G, 2G, 2PG and 3G, according to the hazard rating of the cargoes for the carriage of which the ship is certified. For example, Type 1G ships (where the cargo tanks are located at the greatest distance from the side shell and which may […]

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Gas Carrier Loading Process

Before loading operations begin, the pre-operational ship/shore procedures must be thoroughly discussed and carried out. Appropriate information exchange is required and the relevant parts of the Ship/Shore Safety Check List should be completed. Particular attention should be paid to: • The setting of cargo tank relief valves and high alarm pressures • Remotely operated valves […]

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